Co-invested Residential Real Estate

Co-invested Residential Real Estate (“CRRE”) is an innovative investment product that combines residential real-estate returns with strong societal impact. Our innovative structure links mortgage-secured loans with variable principal in the housing market. CDRR delivers achieve reliable real estate returns that are comparable to traditional residential real estate funds, with numerous additional benefits. These include access to the owner-occupied market, regulatory diversification, and a high degree of investment-flexibility.


Equity Release Mortgage

Equity Release Mortgage (“ERM”) offers a unique, income-independent investment opportunity in the Dutch market, utilising residential equity instead of monthly payments. Interest is accrued at rates higher than conventional mortgages, yielding significant returns. Moreover, we’ve incorporated key differentiating features into our product, directly addressing specific market demands and setting our offering apart.


Investment Highlights


Impact Investment

Direct impact by providing access to finance (SDG8), with additional impact at proposition (usage) level on SDG 1,3,7 and 11.

Investment Flexibility

Investment via segregated mandate and/or fund solution.

Regulatory diversification

Owner occupied homes have minimum exposure to regulatory risk or rental legislation.

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