Our vision on impact

We believe that all homeowners should have the financial agility to shape their life and make their dreams come true.

Our Co-invested Residential Real Estate (“CRRE”) product is an ideal solution for homeowners who have surplus home equity, but who lack liquidity to finance unexpected events. By providing access to home equity, CRRE helps them access their wealth and use it at key moments in life. Moreover, CRRE benefits society by transferring housing market risk from homeowners to investors. This makes the economy less vulnerable to shocks while improving consumers’ financial resilience. By providing access to financing that boosts the economy’s robustness, CRRE makes a direct impact that positively contributes to SDG 8.

Furthermore, investors can customise their CRRE investment with direct contributions to specific impact purposes. For example, promote products designed around impact themes of home sustainability, health and well-being, and/or financial resilience. This creates the potential to positively contribute to several SDGs.


“Compared to traditional options, our Co-Invested Residential Real Estate product combines residential real estate returns with strong societal impact.”


Environmental impact

Create environmental impact by letting Someday clients unlock their home equity. The extra financial means provided can be put towards increased sustainability in and around the home. Homeowners can install solar panels, switch from gas to electric heating or install a charging station for electric vehicles, contributing to a more sustainable future.


Social impact

Create social impact by letting Someday clients unlock their home equity. The financial freedom awarded allows home owners to reduce their working hours, supplement their retirement plan or hire fulltime caregivers for family members, thus closing the gap between available and required care.